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Residential Engineering Design

Architectural Services

In the past a structural engineer designed residential projects for gravity loads. Today they design for gravity and wind. The IRC code has changed the residential design method for architects and engineers. The question to ponder for an architect is "does the prescriptive method apply or do I need an engineer to determine the structural loads on my project?" Listed below are typical houses built in the St. Louis region with floor plans. Do you know which ones require an engineer? Typically look for walls over 12'-0" tall or long walls without a support. Note the interpretation in the code is a little bit more than confusing.

Few interpret the code the same. Check out the plans below, which ones need a structural engineer, where and why? Your municipality may be lenient or proactive in the code. If you need support we are available and ready to complete your structural engineering. Call us today at (636) 441-9000 for a quote on your project.

View some of our own custom designed homes. Try and determine which need an engineer and which can use the prescriptive method:

The Juliet

Main Floor
Second Floor
Front Elevation


The Waterford

Main Floor
Second Floor
Front Elevation


Existing communities:

The Villas at Shepherd's Hill in St. Peters:

The Bethany model main floor
Front Elevations


The Villas at Heritage Pointe in Wentzville:

The Galilee model main floor
Front Elevations


When we complete your project, a typical set of prints will include:
Main Floor
Second Floor

Already have a floor plan in mind? Call us and we will help your architect determine if it meets the prescriptive method or not. We are ready and willing to provide your engineering needs.